Happiness, health, hope and this year’s charities

Perseverance is Cambridge Dictionary’s Word of the Year, defined therein as “a continued effort to do or achieve something, even when this is difficult or takes a long time.’’ Compilers say it captures the “undaunted will of people across the world to never give up, despite the many challenges of the last 12 months.” After […]

Fun for all with Dale Le Fevre, New Games

Playing has been Dale Le Fevre’s life’s work. One of the world’s best-known exponents of the New Games movement, Dale has given workshops, trained and played in 35 countries since 1975. New Games are about fun for anyone who wants to take part. Research demonstrates a wide range of benefits for participants. Dale has also […]

Wishing you health and happiness, and this year’s charities and causes

I hope you’re able to enjoy Christmas and will be able to rest, recharge and do things you love over the festive season. And I wish you a fulfilling, healthy and happy 2021.

Merry Christmas and a Fulfilling 2020 – this year’s charities and causes

Firstly an apology: somethings, once seen, can never be unseen. Watch the video below to see what I mean….if you dare. Next a thank-you. I’ve worked with some truly inspiring people again in 2019, running businesses and social enterprises which make the world better in numerous ways. Thank-you to all who chose to work with […]

How to Make the World Better with Beer and Chocolate

How four fantastic social enterprises create positive economic, environmental and social impacts.

Neil Ellis, Skateboard England – new radio show

With skateboarding’s inclusion for the first time in the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo, Neil Ellis – head of digital engagement at Skateboard England, told me about his and the national governing body’s priorities.

Karate and Board Games – interviews with Ruth Haigh and Steve Hegarty

Combine Karate and board games: it’s not a solution to arguments over the Monopoly board, it’s a super new podcast featuring Ruth Haigh, co-owner of The Treehouse Board Game Café and Steve Hegarty of Elite Karate Centres.

Competition: win a luxury travel case made from decommissioned fire-hose

Win a luxury Elvis & Kresse Travel Case! Made from red fire-hose and lined with high visibility waste parachute silk, it’s great to take on your adventures to keep things safe, from power cables and chargers to foreign currency or pens. It looks great too. Elvis & Kresse started in 2005 with the purpose of […]

One not very compelling reason to ambush snog Boris Johnson

Now is the time of year when the shadiest sellers of marketing snake-oil ramp up their ludicrous claims as they prey on small business owners. You’ll have seen the promises…

Rob Cole, Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens and Al Daw, Sidney and Matilda

Here’s a sustainable, ethical business, thriving and continuing to grow a decade after launching. Here also is your invitation to an amazing party in a brand new gallery space in Sheffield where you can enjoy exceptional art.