Gamification, onboarding, high-impact work and school food with Yinka Ewuola

Yinka Ewuola puts a stop to the conversation that because women entrepreneurs have less time to focus on their business, they are at a disadvantage. How and why? Listen on. She runs Calla Success Systems, supporting women to build thriving and profitable businesses while living full, fabulous and nourishing lives. Yinka explains we’ve been sold […]

Black Lives Matter and representation in the media

It’s a huge privilege to present a weekly radio show on Sheffield Live, a fantastic community radio station with a vast array of diverse voices and music. Like all presenters on the channel, I’m a volunteer. For some it’s a stepping stone – Sheffield Live has a fantastic track record of helping people gain experience […]

The power of apprenticeships with Tricia Smith plus representation in the media

Tricia Smith is passionate about the power of apprenticeships, having started her own career journey through a work placement. Now the CEO of The Source Skills Academy, in this interview she discusses: her charity’s range of courses covering vitally important technical and ‘soft’ skills why apprenticeships are crucial how employers can engage with The Source […]

Powerful tips to make online events and workshops better – Mihaela Gruia and Jill White

If you run online workshops, meetings or events this episode is a must-listen: it’s crammed with practical tips to ensure your events are interactive and effective from two brilliant guests. It also includes a run-through of new funding and support for businesses and social enterprises.

How to prepare for a radio interview and why it can propel your business [radio and podcast interview tips 1]

Follow these tips and you’ll be more confident when you are interviewed, whether live in a studio, over the phone or pre-recorded. You’ll sound friendly, authoritative and approachable. And you’ll be able to make clear, interesting and memorable points.

Resilience with Helen Williams, business and social enterprise support and a corker of a book review

Resilience tips from Helen Williams, big run-through of many support packages and grants now available for businesses, social enterprises and self-employed people, some of which have not been well publicised, and a review of Drayton Bird’s recent autobiography.

Period equality, menstrual health and social change: Emily Wilson and Calum Smith, Irise

Irise is a global leader in menstrual health programming, research, advocacy and policy development, transforming peoples’ lives through period equality. It works in the UK and East Africa and this wide ranging interview covers Irise’s mission to create a world where people can realise their potential unlimited by their periods, through its research, partnerships, advocacy and programmes.

Mike Garner – deep research and powerful copy to help your ideal client say yes

Mike Garner escaped a career as a translator when he got sick of translating clients’ bad French. He and his business, Branding with Words, help people put together messages which resonate with their ideal customers. You can supercharge your own messages by listening to this interview, broadcast on my Business Live radio show on Sheffield […]

Hedge fund honcho and sustainable kitchen magnate prove businesses can make world better

Proof that businesses can make the world better with environmental and social responsibility at their core – and advice for values-driven business leaders.

How to Podcast Brilliantly with James Marriott

James has exceptional advice about what you must think about if you want to launch your own podcast, how to do it, and some common mistakes to avoid.