Happiness, health, hope and this year’s charities

Perseverance is Cambridge Dictionary’s Word of the Year, defined therein as “a continued effort to do or achieve something, even when this is difficult or takes a long time.’’

Compilers say it captures the “undaunted will of people across the world to never give up, despite the many challenges of the last 12 months.”

After such a challenging year I hope you get to do many things you enjoy over the festive season, and in the year to come.

It’s a tough time for lots of folk. So this December the charities I’m supporting are:

  • The GiveWell Maximum Impact Fund, supporting nine high-impact, evidence-backed charities combating malaria, boosting childhood vaccination, treating parasitic infections and providing microfinance to people for business and agricultural assets, housing, and education.
  • The RNLI, the charity saving lives at sea.
  • S6 Foodbank, feeding 1000 people a week from nine locations.
  • And Together for Mental Wellbeing, which provides individually-tailored support to thousands of people experiencing mental health problems.

They’re exceptional organisations; if you’re looking out for any causes to support they’re worth thinking of.

This year I’ve appreciated working with many fantastic business leaders and social entrepreneurs making positive impacts in the world. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege. A sincere thank-you to all.

Best wishes for a happy Christmas and a healthy and fulfilling New Year.

Wishing you a happy Christmas and fulfilling 2021