How to Make the World Better with Beer and Chocolate

Jamie and Toast Ale

Making the world a better place

Want to do your bit to make the world better?

Then drink beer. And eat chocolate. Sounds like a good idea to me. But it’s true.

And the more you eat and drink, the better the world gets. (Hmm. This may only be partly true.)

Anyway, I know you probably do many, many things to make the world better already.

But if you go down to your local Co-op you can pick up a can (or two!) of Toast Ale. Which is not only a tasty beverage (if you like beer), it’s also made from surplus fresh bread that would otherwise be wasted.

And all of Toast’s profits go to charities working to reduce food waste.

You could also pick up a bar (or three!) of delicious chocolate made by Divine Chocolate, which is on sale in lots of independent shops, plus Waitrose and other supermarkets.

Again, it’s not only seriously tasty chocolate. Divine is partly owned by the Kuapa Kokoo farmers in Ghana (they are the largest shareholder), and as a result Kuapa Kokoo generate four income streams, and are able to plan and pay for community and farm improvements.

I don’t really need any excuse to eat chocolate (or drink beer). But it’s especially good to know that something that tastes wonderful is contributing to making the world better too.

This week, Social Enterprise UK’s Buy Social for a Better World campaign took place. This celebrates social enterprises, and the incredible difference they make.

As you know, I’m an advocate for great businesses, operating with strong values, which create opportunities and create positive social, environmental and economic impacts.

And it’s a pleasure and privilege to work with so many social enterprises and values-driven businesses, here in Sheffield and from London to Glasgow (currently).

Social enterprises’ size and scope (in both consumer and business to business sectors) is incredible.

On this week’s radio show (here’s the podcast) we heard some fantastic new data from Social Enterprise UK which has just published The State of Social Enterprise 2019.

And meanwhile, if you’re ever buying beer or chocolate, try Toast or Divine. They’re not only delicious, they make the world better too.

What next?

  • Two more super social enterprises:
  • When Dave Linton was told how most children in care have to transport all their possessions – their lives – in black bin bags, he wasn’t only shocked and appalled. He resolved to do something about it. Dave, a former youth worker, launched social enterprise Madlug to give dignity to children in care. And social entrepreneur Heidi Fisher has just done a truly inspiring interview with Dave for her podcast (she always asks great questions). Listen to Heidi’s podcast (I help her to produce it) here.
  • Or have you heard of Big Issue Invest, which span out of The Big Issue magazine? Big Issue Invest is a responsible finance provider which provides finance to social enterprises and charities. Chief Executive, Danyal Sattar, told me all about The Magic Roundabout, cows, Galileo and more in a fascinating interview for The Responsible Finance podcast (which I also am privileged to produce). He was fascinating and you can listen here.