• What do you need to know?
• Why do you need to know it?
• And how will you analyse, understand, interpret and share the results?

Continuous development of your business or your organisation requires insight and understanding. Independent research can provide you with a solid foundation to underpin your strategy.

Whether you need to:

• understand more about your customers’ needs;
• analyse your market;
• conduct employee or stakeholder surveys (for better engagement and results);
• or measure your social impact;

I can help you to design an appropriate research programme, deliver it for you, and assist you with interpretation and analysis. Clients have used my research to win contracts, secure partnerships, develop and improve their businesses and social enterprises, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve run commercial and policy-based research projects (and written-up and communicated their findings too).

Contact me for a quick consultation about what you need to understand, why you need to understand it, and what you’d like to do with the answers once you get them.

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