Every Friday on Sheffield Live FM Radio I interview leaders of values-driven businesses and social enterprises. The radio show is broadcast live and you can get the podcasts and descriptions of the show below. They are also on iTunes here.

Hear guests' strategic advice, learn how they overcame challenges and implement practical tips to help your values-driven business or social enterprise to thrive.

The power of responsible journalism with Michelle Rawlins

Today’s guest, award winning Michelle Rawlins, shows the power of sensitive, responsible journalism.

Ethical and sustainable fashion and textiles with Nina and Adam of Kalopsia

In one of the worst-offending industries for landfill and modern slavery, Kalopsia proves you can make products more ethically and minimise environmental impact. A batch manufacturer of textiles, apparel and accessories, Kalopsia is a social enterprise which started as an artistic collective and morphed into a textile producing community interest company. It makes exciting products […]

Mike Garner – deep research and powerful copy to help your ideal client say yes

Mike Garner escaped a career as a translator when he got sick of translating clients’ bad French. He and his business, Branding with Words, help people put together messages which resonate with their ideal customers. You can supercharge your own messages by listening to this interview, broadcast on my Business Live radio show on Sheffield […]

Ken Dunn: saving and changing lives with Wonderbags, Trees and Africa’s Gift

A simple invention which is already saving and changing lives, and a discussion about how businesses, social enterprises and people are making bigger contributions to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals than Governments.

From Strength to Strength for Claire’s Gym

How Claire Moore’s fitness and wellbeing business has developed and the impact of being accepted onto the Cambridge Social Innovation Programme

Sneaky learning opportunities with stratospheric social entrepreneur, Kisha Bradley

Bright Box creates playful spaces for people to explore technology, engineering and arts with the help of role models. Founder Kisha Bradley explains how this fantastic social enterprise has scaled up over the past two years.

Hedge fund honcho and sustainable kitchen magnate prove businesses can make world better

Proof that businesses can make the world better with environmental and social responsibility at their core – and advice for values-driven business leaders.

Great habits, great results: Carl Konadu, 2-3 Degrees (interview)

Carl Konadu is the Co-founder and CEO of 2-3 Degrees, a personal development training company (and social enterprise) whose aim is to equip young people with practical skills for life beyond the classroom.

Cinematic Video Storytelling for Sales: Joseph Palmer and Dan Bale, Open House

How Open House Pictures has rapidly established itself as a video production business.

How to become a software developer – Mike Jones, Sheaf Digital

Mike Jones on software development, side projects, why and how he built the Sheffield Apprenticeships app and got it accepted into app stores, and how to become a software developer.