Into the top: your objectives; my communication skills. I’ll add a dash of inspiration and some hard work to deliver you compelling copy and hardworking words.

If you’re looking for help creating compelling copy and hardworking words you’re in the right place.

There are many great writers. But great writing alone – whilst pleasant to read – might not be all that you need.

Great writing skills plus an understanding of your business objectives and crucially, how to engage and influence your audience all adds up to a communication package that delivers results.

From annual reports to website copy, sales letters to industry newsletters, leaflets and posters to press releases…you don’t just want people to read your copy, do you?

You want them to take action. To understand what’s unique about your business or organisation. To follow up with you. To buy your services or products.

I write website, marketing and sales copy, editorial articles, policy analysis and more. And I’ve been doing so, professionally, for over 20 years. Contact me for a quick consultation about what you need to communicate, to whom, and why – and we can rapidly address how effectively my words can work for your business (and my availability to work with you).

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