How to prepare for a radio interview and why it can propel your business [radio and podcast interview tips 1]

What you need to prepare and how to practice in order to give a fantastic radio (or podcast) interview

Why give radio or podcast interviews about your business? And how can you prepare most effectively so you will give a fantastic interview?

Many hugely accomplished business leaders and social entrepreneurs are nervous about doing radio interviews.

But there are five powerful reasons why giving a radio interview can help propel you closer to your business goals, which we cover in this episode of my radio programme.

And I run through the essentials about how to prepare for radio (or podcast) interviews.

Follow these tips and you’ll be more confident when you are interviewed, whether live in a studio, over the phone or pre-recorded. You’ll sound friendly, authoritative and approachable. And you’ll be able to make clear, interesting and memorable points.

In this episode (scroll down for the podcast):

  • 0 – introduction
  • 2:30 two business leaders on the benefits of giving radio interviews
  • 5:55 why radio presenters don’t (usually) want you to be uncomfortable
  • 7:15 five compelling reasons to seek the opportunity to give radio interviews
  • 11:01 how to put yourself forward to be a guest on my radio show
  • 12:24 essential preparation: practical tips on what you must think about before you give any interview – and how to practice to make your interview a huge success
  • 19:30 dealing with umms, ahhhs and other verbal tics
  • 22:25 coping with nervousness and anxiety
  • 24:40 do you need notes or a script?
  • 25:28 how to make any statistics and data you mention memorable and relatable
  • 31:45 what to do to promote your radio or podcast appearance in advance
  • 34:02 wrapping up and a tale of a BBC radio interview I gave with an angry cat attached to my leg

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