How to Podcast Brilliantly with James Marriott

James Marriott with me at Sheffield Live's studio

James Marriott with me at Sheffield Live’s studio

James Marriott drinks beer, watches football and discusses both on his popular podcasts.

He loves listening to other people’s podcasts too.

And all this is (part of) how he makes a living.

With two decades’ experience in media, including 15 in commercial radio and 4 in newspaper journalism, James now specialises in podcasting and mentors new and existing podcasters along their path to success.

In this episode James gives exceptional advice:

  • why people love podcasts (and still love the radio),
  • his career path from journalist to radio station manager to podcaster,
  • what you must think about if you want to launch your own podcast,
  • how to stand out in your area and produce a podcast people enjoy,
  • editing and hosting,
  • his own process of supporting podcasters,
  • how to avoid common mistakes and problems.

He also describes a diverse array of podcasts he loves and has tips to follow if you’re being interviewed on a podcast or the radio – or if you’re interviewing anyone.

Enjoy the episode: James really knows his onions and cares about making great quality content (and helping other folk do it too).

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What Next:

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  • James’ website is here. You can find him on twitter here. And as many readers know, I also produce a couple of podcasts for some clients – and I recognise James as a complete whizz at this. We even gave him the mantle of “guru” during this radio interview.
  • Sheffield Live’s website is here.
  • The Business Live radio show is broadcast live almost every Friday on Sheffield Live radio and available as a podcast in Apple Podcasts here.

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