Teaching Coding, Tech Skills Gaps, Getting Investment and Favourite Apps: Ben Atha, The Developer Academy

Ben Atha’s business teaches people to code and he has extensive tech and business insights to share in this episode.

Ruth Willis – looking for Sheffield’s Community Champions and a leadership philosophy

Ruth Willis on the Community Champions Awards which seek to recognise “unsung heroes.” Plus her philosophy of leadership and advice for other CEOs. And new, powerful stats about the value of freelancers to the UK’s economy.

From veteran to entrepreneur and employer plus the business benefits of working with Reservists and Veterans

Interviews with Lee Harris-Hamer of White Horse Cleaning Services and Phil Walton of The RFCA, on supporting entrepreneurship for veterans and the benefits of employing Reservists.

How to do business in Japan, get Government contracts and run an ethical business – Johnny Pawlik

Johnny Pawlik is global managing director of Mantra Media and co-founder of Atelier Japan. In today’s radio show: Ikigai, culture, ethics and purpose; doing business with Japan and a book recommendation.

How to test creative business adventures with Highland Bagpipe teacher, James Carnegie

How and why James Carnegie left a corporate career to become a bagpipe teacher – and how listeners can experiment with new creative adventures.

What is Open Banking, how could it support your business and is your data safe?

Faith Reynolds on current and future use cases for Open Banking and how it could help businesses, social enterprises – and the financially vulnerable.

How to be a compassionate leader and why “Fit in or F-off” leads to business failure

How to apply neuroscience and psychology to become the “best version of a leader” you can be and find new energy and enthusiasm for work through compassionate leadership.

Business Live 24 May: Changing Faces and Abbeydale Picture House

The UK’s leading charity offering support to everyone with a visible difference that affects their appearance AND how you can be part of Abbeydale Picture House.

How to encourage a mentally healthy workplace with Jodie Hill, Thrive Law

How to encourage a mentally healthy workplace as well as how to look after your own wellbeing as a leader with law firm MD and campaigner, Jodie Hill.

Interviews: Louisa Ashforth and Adrian Ashton

How to avoid founder syndrome, embed values and measure your impact with Adrian Ashton and how salon boss Louisa Ashforth launched her own skincare range.