Lackadaisical pitchers make ink-slingers livid

It’s easy to think that if you’ve done something noteworthy, journalists will write about you. But you need to remember something crucial: can you make their lives easier? Are you giving them information that is relevant? And, if you are pitching them to cover you, are you ready to respond rapidly to any queries they have?

Lessons from the naughty cheese smuggler

What will make a cynical journalist excited enough about you that they’d smuggle your product across the world?

How to get journalists to cover your business

Rotherham Hospice Business Networking: Business Breakfast Wake up Call Over the last five years the media has changed beyond all recognition. Find out how your business can take advantage – and feed busy journalists tasty morsels of news on a plate On the menu at Rotherham Hospice’s breakfast networking event: 20 inside-track methods to get […]

Lean marketing for social enterprise & startups

I thoroughly enjoyed running Marketing skills for social enterprises – connecting with your customer last Friday afternoon. The workshop, organised by the Yorkshire Venture Philanthropy Programme and South Yorkshire Community Foundation took place at Sheffield Hallam University’s Sheffield Business School. Andi Stamp joined me to lead the seminar, bringing his expertise, empathy and enthusiasm: Andi […]

2 BBC interviews and Grimsey report analysis

Bill Grimsey’s “alternative” review of the future of the high street – produced independently of government by Bill and a team of 8 who gave their time for free; and funded (for printing and launch expenses at a Westminster reception) by Bill himself – was launched this week. The report grabbed lots of media attention […]

Sky News coverage for AMT / Towns Alive

I’ve been supporting national charity Action for Market Towns (AMT) with communications, press, event organising, membership development and external affairs work since 2011. AMT could be given the alternative name “Action for Market Towns, small towns, large towns, high streets, neighbourhoods, cities, coastal and seaside towns” – that would be a bit of a mouthful […]

Interview with BBC Radio Shropshire

A good start to the week with a 7.30am interview today with BBC Radio Shropshire, on behalf of Action for Market Towns. You can listen to the interview, on town centre policies and support, here (starts at 1:36:30 – and won’t be available after the end of this week).

Guardian discussion on community led planning

On Thursday I participated (on behalf of Action for Market Towns) in a live online discussion hosted by the Guardian about Community-led planning. Other panellists came from private sector and social enterprise consultancies, Universities, national campaigning organisations and the public sector. After a lively discussion and lots of questions from website users, the Guardian’s Kate […]

TV and radio coverage for AMT

Really busy week with my client Action for Market Towns. Their annual convention took place in the lovely Shropshire market town of Ludlow last Thursday: pretty much every hotel and B&B in the town was fully booked, and we reckon the event injected well over £100,000 into Ludlow’s economy. The convention marked the launch of […]

Death of the High Street

Last night’s Tonight Programme on ITV1, titled ‘Death of the High Street’ is worth a watch ( ). At 25 minutes it could barely scratch the surface, but was a short and succinct summary of the well known issues affecting UK High streets – average vacancy rates have tripled in the last three years – […]