Lackadaisical pitchers make ink-slingers livid

An email popped in the other day: a journalist wanting some figures, and fast: they needed a response within 15 minutes.

I duly dispatched the data, the journalist was happy, and now yet another top-tier publication has covered the Crowdfunding Center (US spelling deliberate!) and PwC joint report, Women Unbound: Unleashing Female Entrepreneurship.

I’ve mentioned the report in a post here: it drew on solid data from the Crowdfunding Center covering several hundred thousand crowdfunding campaigns over a couple of years. I was one of two lead authors.

What’s the lesson here? Well, it’s easy to think that if you’ve done something noteworthy, journalists will write about you. But you need to remember something crucial: can you make their lives easier? Are you giving them information that is relevant? And, if you are pitching them to cover you, are you ready to respond rapidly to any queries they have?

You wouldn’t believe how many people send me pitches to be on my radio show who, when I drop them a note asking for an interview or simply for more details, never reply. It happens every week. And I wonder, why have they bothered pitching me in the first place? Why make a half-hearted effort?

Lots of businesses and social enterprises seem to be so in love with their own story (let’s face it, the person most fascinated about your business is you!) that they won’t or can’t take a step backwards to explain it in language that resonates. Or they use the same one message for everyone. And lots really seem to take a lackadaisical approach to their media pitches.

You don’t need me to tell you how valuable great media coverage is. So if you’re trying to get your message covered by journalists – and if you are pitching them to cover you – then do ensure you (or someone on your behalf) will be ready to respond to their questions.

By the way: the report I’ve co-authored showing that women hit their crowdfunding targets more than men, across sectors and the world, has now been covered by media worldwide, including The BBC, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek Middle East, City AM, CNBC, Forbes, Fortune, Gulf News, Mashable, Silicon Republic, SMB World Asia, The Scotsman, The Singapore Times, The Independent, and many more.

It’s been covered because it is evidence-based, highlights stark contrasts, and is opinionated about what next: all noteworthy content. And, crucially, it has secured coverage because we took it to the journalists and gave them carefully crafted pitches (and answered their questions!)

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