Bill Grimsey interview: high streets for the 21st century

Bill Grimsey is the author of a recent independent review into the future of the high street, which I commented on here. He addressed the Towns Alive ’13 2-day event in Cheshire East last week, and after his plenary joined me for a short interview which was broadcast on my Business Live radio programme. Click […]

2 BBC interviews and Grimsey report analysis

Bill Grimsey’s “alternative” review of the future of the high street – produced independently of government by Bill and a team of 8 who gave their time for free; and funded (for printing and launch expenses at a Westminster reception) by Bill himself – was launched this week. The report grabbed lots of media attention […]

Bill Grimsey on high streets: bold ideas, time for action

Bill Grimsey doesn’t mince his words. We must accept that “there is already too much retail space in the UK and that bricks and mortar retailing can no longer be the anchor to create thriving high streets and town centres.” And we should “repopulate high streets and town centres as community hubs encompassing: more housing, […]

Alternative future for high street in Grimsey Review

A new review of high streets was published this week, led by Bill Grimsey, the ex-boss of Iceland, Wickes and Focus. The Grimsey review offers an “alternative” future for the high street: “Many high streets up and down the country are dying. They need to embrace radical change if they’re going to have a future.” […]