2 BBC interviews and Grimsey report analysis

Bill Grimsey’s “alternative” review of the future of the high street – produced independently of government by Bill and a team of 8 who gave their time for free; and funded (for printing and launch expenses at a Westminster reception) by Bill himself – was launched this week.

The report grabbed lots of media attention thanks mainly to its recommendation to impose a one-off levy on supermarkets and chain retailers to fund his ideas for high street revitalisation plans.

But beyond this (headline grabbing) idea there were plenty of good, pragmatic and sensible suggestions, including much on how to integrate the online world with the physical, to benefit high streets.

I have written this analysis of the 59 page report for client AMT/Towns Alive: Bold Ideas, Time for Action; I’ve also participated in two BBC Radio interviews, early on Monday and on Tuesday (nb the links will cease to work once BBC takes these down):

What next?

  • I’ve generated significant media exposure for AMT / Towns Alive, including national and regional TV and radio; features in national newspapers including the Guardian, Financial Times, Observer, and more; specialist and trade press; and widespread local newspaper coverage. See AMT in the Press.

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