Lean marketing for social enterprise & startups

I thoroughly enjoyed running Marketing skills for social enterprises – connecting with your customer last Friday afternoon. The workshop, organised by the Yorkshire Venture Philanthropy Programme and South Yorkshire Community Foundation took place at Sheffield Hallam University’s Sheffield Business School. Andi Stamp joined me to lead the seminar, bringing his expertise, empathy and enthusiasm: Andi […]

Research project: new technology for business and social enterprise

New Strategies for Digital Inclusion – A participatory action research study New and innovative digital tools and strategies are available to businesses (including social enterprises), communities and individuals. Can these emerging and developing technologies and services promote entrepreneurship? How can mobile technologies be used to develop existing businesses and social enterprises and to support new […]

Quick trip to Burbage for some old favourites

Went out yesterday at about 4pm to climb, not to take photos. But the light was so stunning just before and after sunset that I wanted to capture it (and still climb). Sorry: no tripod and dark clothing, but the always stunning Burbage scenery bathed in soft golden light makes up for it!

From library ‘at risk’ to prestigious award

A library and tourist information centre which was at risk of closure but fought back, increasing opening hours by 300% whilst saving its local authority 30% in costs, has won “Britain’s top award for town community projects,” from my client, Action for Market Towns. When Northumberland County Council needed to make significant cost savings, there […]

Film about the Isle of Wight Lottery – CDFA Innovation Award winner

This and five other films were part of work recently undertaken for the Community Development Finance Association (read more about this work)

Community finance is JUST finance

Imagine borrowing £100 – but then paying back £50 per month for 6 months to pay off the loan. After 6 months, you’ll have handed back interest of £200 in addition to the original £100 of capital – in other words, the loan will have cost you a shocking 534% APR.  Certainly this isn’t a […]