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Hear guests' strategic advice, learn how they overcame challenges and implement practical tips to help your values-driven business or social enterprise to thrive.

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How 3 Businesses Have Adapted and Innovated: Jiraffe, Twinkl and CC33

How three different businesses have adapted and innovated in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Jiraffe, CC33 and Twinkl describe initiatives to support customers, employees and the community and maintain their businesses.

Using data to describe impact and tell stories

Tom French supports people to use data and evaluation better. He covers some examples of his work and how it helps to inform decisions, and has advice on what to think about when you’re collecting or analysing data. Also on the show: Daniel Stanbra of the Source Skills Academy, a registered charity which has made a variety of free-to-access training courses available online and through posted learning packs.

Resilience with Helen Williams, business and social enterprise support and a corker of a book review

Resilience tips from Helen Williams, big run-through of many support packages and grants now available for businesses, social enterprises and self-employed people, some of which have not been well publicised, and a review of Drayton Bird’s recent autobiography.

How to use online platforms to teach music and livestream performances – David Taylor interview

David founded the Yorkshire Young Sinfonia and is an expert in using digital technology to deliver arts and performance projects. He’s been described as an arts innovator and featured in a Forbes magazine 30-under-30 list.
Which online platform should you use to teach? What are the pros and cons of each for giving music lessons? How do you teach effectively through a video-call? David is generous with his advice and tips.

Flood risk management, rewilding and water positive developments – the business case, with Professor Ian Rotherham

Professor Ian Rotherham of Sheffield Hallam University is an expert on a range of environmental issues, including urban wildlife, extreme weather, flooding and climate change. He offers some steps which businesses can take to support flood resilience and makes the business case for natural flood management as part of a sensible approach to flood risk management.

Period equality, menstrual health and social change: Emily Wilson and Calum Smith, Irise

Irise is a global leader in menstrual health programming, research, advocacy and policy development, transforming peoples’ lives through period equality. It works in the UK and East Africa and this wide ranging interview covers Irise’s mission to create a world where people can realise their potential unlimited by their periods, through its research, partnerships, advocacy and programmes.

Louis Speight: from zero-hours frustration to sport social enterprise for record-breaking athlete

Omnis Circumvado is a specialist sports coaching company which gives inclusive opportunities to people with complex needs. The business works with children and young people in SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools and with elderly people in day centres. When launching a social enterprise “the house will set on fire,” says Louis: it’s not always plain sailing. But that determination along with careful planning paid off and Omnis is now thriving as Louis describes in this episode.

The power of responsible journalism with Michelle Rawlins

Today’s guest, award winning Michelle Rawlins, shows the power of sensitive, responsible journalism.

Ethical and sustainable fashion and textiles with Nina and Adam of Kalopsia

In one of the worst-offending industries for landfill and modern slavery, Kalopsia proves you can make products more ethically and minimise environmental impact. A batch manufacturer of textiles, apparel and accessories, Kalopsia is a social enterprise which started as an artistic collective and morphed into a textile producing community interest company. It makes exciting products […]

Mike Garner – deep research and powerful copy to help your ideal client say yes

Mike Garner escaped a career as a translator when he got sick of translating clients’ bad French. He and his business, Branding with Words, help people put together messages which resonate with their ideal customers. You can supercharge your own messages by listening to this interview, broadcast on my Business Live radio show on Sheffield […]