Business Live: StartUp bus, Race for Life, Kenya and finance

This morning’s Business Live radio show featured the director of the Centre for Entrepreneurs think-tank and of StartUp Britain; a Sheffield based credit union celebrating 20 years in business; the area organiser of the Race for Life and a social entrepreneur working in Kenya.

Playwright Louise Page; Charity Right; Sheffield Speedway interviews

Interviews with Louise Page, the acclaimed playwright who has also written extensively for TV and radio, and is a specialist in clear and effective business writing; Sajad Mahmood, chief executive of Yorkshire based Charity Right, an international food programme; and Damien Bates the co-owner of Sheffield Speedway.

State of Social Enterprise; a Funny Business; investment readiness

Three interesting interviews in today’s Business Live radio programme: the State of Social Enterprise research reveals a thriving sector which is sustainable and makes a positive contribution to society; a Sheffield business leader who is doing a stand-up gig in aid of a cancer charity; and a digital marketing agency on investment readiness and some tips for listeners.