How to use politicians to get what you want: new interview

Harnessing support from a politician can help you to fight injustices, assert your consumer rights even when big businesses want to ignore you, generate publicity for your community project, and open doors you’ve previously had closed in your face.
But how do you get politicians on your side? Scott Colvin can tell you in this new radio show podcast. The programme also features Kurtis Wright of Sheffield Community Technologies (and Loci Pay).

The village that bought a pub

When the future of The Anglers Rest in Bamford was uncertain, villages raised over £260,000 to buy the pub in a community share issue. Listen to this podcast to hear about how they did it, the challenges on the way, and how they’ve turned the pub into a thriving community asset.

Business Live: Sara Hill interview

Sara Hill joined me in the studio to talk about what’s on at the forthcoming Festival of Debate; publishing Now Then magazine which has been running since 2008; the Peace in the Park free festival; and Mesters Events and their recent trip to the refugee camps in Calais and Dunkirk. A fascinating insight – do listen to the podcast.

Research shows power of small businesses in local economies

New research, published in July from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), shows that 58 per cent more of the money spent by local authorities with small firms is re-spent in the local economy compared to that spent with large businesses in the same area. The FSB and the Centre for Local Economic Strategies surveyed […]

Essentials within 10-minute walk a key driver of happiness

A new report, Local Services:Happy Places explores the links between how happy people are with where they live and the shops and services in their area. The report, commissioned by the Association of Convenience Stores and conducted by research consultancy BritainThinks, proposes measures intended to make communities better places to live. One of the report’s […]