Essentials within 10-minute walk a key driver of happiness

A new report, Local Services:Happy Places explores the links between how happy people are with where they live and the shops and services in their area.

The report, commissioned by the Association of Convenience Stores and conducted by research consultancy BritainThinks, proposes measures intended to make communities better places to live.

One of the report’s key findings is that “while 76% of the British public are satisfied with the area within a ten minute walk of their home, having the day to day essentials available within a ten minute walk of home was the most important driver of satisfaction.”

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman commented: “Local shops and other services are crucial to the way people feel about where they live. This report shines a light on an often forgotten part of our economy and provides a blueprint for how Government and Councils can help local shops and other services to cement their place in the heart of communities across the UK.”

What next?

  • The executive summary, research report, and recommendations of the report are all available to download from this page of the ACS (Association of Convenience Stores) website

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