How a perspective change can be crucial for progress

Photo of Jamie climbing

Climbing – not at Raven Tor, but in the Ardeche, France. Photo: Adrian Berry

A limestone cliff called Raven Tor bulges over the river Wye near Litton in the Peak District. It’s steep, uncompromising and compelling to a climber.

Brute force alone won’t guarantee upward progress on the Tor’s minuscule handholds. They require finesse and subtle shifts in body position to work.

I remembered this on Sunday, shortly before falling off.

A second attempt ended the same way, before I stopped heaving on the thin handhold at head height, and instead used a weird, sideways-facing hold lower down for my left hand.

Although it was lower, it allowed me to pull in closer to the rock and reach further with my other hand.

The next two holds were tiny and taxing to use. Strength sapped, arms sagging, I fell off again. Back on, by using worse footholds in better positions I could reduce the weight on my fingers and climb the hardest part of the route.

It was actually my belayer (the person holding the rope) Tim who spotted this. From the ground he could see what I was missing. When I tried his suggestion of putting my foot somewhere else, it worked.

Those nuances in technique which can mean using a less obvious hand or foothold to get through a tough section make rock climbing outside so stimulating. And a change of perspective proved crucial.

Sometimes you need someone to help identify what to do to make progress. This worked for me at Raven Tor and in business, I value the opinion, insight and advice of a select few mentors.

  • Perhaps you’re raring to go after an Easter break?
  • Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to secure the positive media coverage your business or social enterprise deserves?
  • To sharpen up your communications and marketing?
  • To identify contracts you can tender for and put together a powerful bid?
  • To work with more people you like, doing the things you love most, that make a positive impact?

My business is built on helping leaders communicate more effectively in order to achieve their business goals. That may be as a strategic advisor, or to train and mentor them or their team, or add capacity and do things that make a difference.

Drop me a line about any challenges you have.

Sometimes a perspective change is all it takes to make upward progress.

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