Commissioning: ask for RHITA!

Who’s RHITA? You may well ask. You’re on a website built by Jamie, after all. And the only middle name I’m aware of having is Stuart. RHITA isn’t my name – it’s an acronym for a set of attributes I try to live by in my professional (and personal) life. Reliability. Honesty. Integrity. Tenacity. Attitude. Five key attributes which are the “difference that makes a difference”.

Many organisations remember that when you outsource a project you need hard skills and experience, but forget how important these five key attributes are. Vital, in fact, if your investment in a consultant is to provide real value and a real return to you.

I’ve been a commissioner of services myself when working in small and large businesses, so I can understand my clients’ points of view: you need the right person, with the right skills and values, to understand your project and to get results now. I take pride in a results-driven approach to my work for my clients – and in bringing fresh thinking and a positive, can-do attitude to the challenges you face.

So, whatever stage you’re at in thinking about a helping hand for your project or coaching / training – if you call me and ask for RHITA I can promise you – RHITA is what you will get! But don’t just take my word for it – read these testimonials.

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