Levi Roots interview

The MADE Festival has been described as the “Glastonbury of Business,” attracting thousands of entrepreneurs and hundreds of speakers from all around the world to Sheffield. Musician and entrepreneur Levi Roots was one of the keynote speakers. I spoke with him on behalf of Sheffield Live! about mentoring, passion, and lessons for young people. Camera […]

Jamal Edwards, SBTV founder, interviewed

It all started with a fox. Jamal Edwards recounted at the MADE Festival how, when his mother gave him a video camera at the age of 15, he filmed foxes out of his bedroom window and shared the films through YouTube so his friends could watch them. And now at 23 years of age, Edwards […]

Interview with Shaa Wasmund, founder of Smarta

Shaa Wasmund, serial entrepreneur and founder of social enterprise Smarta.com, spoke with me at the 2014 MADE Festival, which brought thousands of entrepreneurs and hundreds of speakers from all around the world to Sheffield. You can hear more interviews from the MADE Festival too: with entrepreneurs Levi Roots, Doug Richard and Jamal Edwards, and with […]

Brendan Moffett interview

Over 3000 entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world attended the MADE Festival in Sheffield in September 2014. What made (do you see what I did there) them come along? I caught up with Brendan Moffett, Director of Marketing Sheffield, for this interview which was first broadcast on Sheffield Live TV on 25 […]

MADE festival fringe session with an entrepreneur, a bank manager and a lawyer

MADE, The Entrepreneur Festival is back in Sheffield this autumn. Headline speakers include Paul McKenna, Fraser Doherty, Jamal Edwards and Doug Richard, who will advise more than 3,000 delegates on how to succeed in business at the two-day event on September 24 and 25. Alongside these and other keynotes, a range of fringe events also […]

Interviews: Medeia Cohan and Rachel Kirk

Today’s Business Live radio programme on Sheffield Live! 93.2fm featured interviews with Rachel Kirk and with Medeia Cohan.