Jamal Edwards, SBTV founder, interviewed

Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards

It all started with a fox. Jamal Edwards recounted at the MADE Festival how, when his mother gave him a video camera at the age of 15, he filmed foxes out of his bedroom window and shared the films through YouTube so his friends could watch them.

And now at 23 years of age, Edwards has built a global youth media empire, SBTV, showcasing music and branching out into news, lifestyle, interviews and more.

On stage at the MADE Festival, Edwards inspired the audience with his story of setting up and growing SBTV – and his advice about paperwork for businesses. I caught up with him, briefly, backstage for this quick interview.

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All of these interviews were first broadcast on my Business Live radio programme on Friday 26 September (and the Levi Roots interview was used on television on Thursday 25th).

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