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Rob Drummond in the Sheffield Live radio studio

Rob Drummond in the Sheffield Live radio studio

Self-confessed “stoic northern grump” (and longbow archer) Rob Drummond has a mission: to help people doing valuable work to communicate their uniqueness by telling stories about what they do.

Rob joined me in the Sheffield Live radio studio on Friday to talk about how he works with companies delivering “transformational” products or services – and helps them to tell their story.

Author Rob brought his two books, Simple Story Selling and The Marketing Nurture System, along. And for a “stoic northern grump” he was pretty cheerful.

“What’s a marketing nurture system?” I hear you cry. Listen to the interview with Rob to find out, and why having such a system will benefit your business.

What else did we discuss? It was a bit of a grand tour of marketing which is an apt description of Rob’s career:

  • Marketing automation and CRM systems such as Infusionsoft (and how more sophisticated, tag-based systems including Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Drip and others are different to entry-level systems);
  • the crucial things to figure out before selecting a CRM system (and why choosing one isn’t like buying a pizza);
  • how to get a ROI (return on investment) on marketing automation;
  • how the railways pushed back the boundaries of our world – and opened the door to marketing as we know it;
  • building a relationship in which people know, like and trust you, based on communicating your value – to the right people;
  • how to avoid falling prey to the magical thinking traps so prevalent in the marketing and business consultancy industries;
  • following diversions and opportunities, a grand tour of marketing, and how to get Rob’s email marketing tool review.

Podcast (timings below):


  • 0 – 9:32 introduction and updates, including an acquisition by Sheffield’s Sumo Digital; new research reveals that the 2017 Tour de Yorkshire boosted the region’s economy by almost £64m; businesses need educating on the apprenticeship levy, according to research from The Open University; forthcoming BizFest event in Sheffield
  • 9:32 – end (49:40) Rob Drummond (find out more about Rob at

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