A story, a speaking tip, and an opportunity: today’s radio interviews


Deborah Bullivant at Grimm and Co (photo: Helena Fletcher)

Deborah Bullivant at Grimm and Co (photo: Helena Fletcher)

The incredible power of storytelling was demonstrated in today’s Business Live radio show by guest Deborah Bullivant of Grimm and Co.

A children’s literacy charity and ‘apothecary to the magical’ Grimm and Co has been “supplying evil plots, wild schemes and kitchenware since 1148,” and has to be seen and experienced to be believed. Deborah gives the lowdown on why she launched Grimm and Co, and how she did it, with the support of authors from Dave Eggers and Joanne Harris to League of Gentlemen co-writer Jeremy Dyson (and many more) plus plenty of help from our local business community. I can’t stress enough how wonderful Deborah’s interview is. You can hear it on the podcast below.

Photo of potions at Grimm and Co

Grimm and Co (photo: Helena Fletcher)

Also in the programme, returning guest Billal Jamil of The Public Speaking Academy gave some superb advice to any business or social enterprise leaders who need to speak in public. Whether that’s on stage at an event, online in a video, within a meeting or many other contexts, public speaking and presenting is an essential part of business life – that many accomplished leaders struggle with.

Listen to the podcast to hear Billal’s tips – plus he’s offering a couple of free places at an event tomorrow to listeners, so act fast!

Huge thanks to Billal and to Deborah for their fascinating interviews. Here’s the podcast (music tracks played on love radio removed from this podcast):


  • 0 – 4:56 introductions
  • 4:56 – 24:04 Billal Jamil
  • 24:04 – 52:57 Deborah Bullivant

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