Business’ reaction to election; employment law; and work-life balance

A great Business Live radio show on Friday 22nd May: I was joined in the Sheffield Live studio by Ant Clifford of Creative Stream; Jay Bhayani of Bhayani HR and Employment Law; and Celina Ploskonka and Laura Thomas of Freshly Squeezed. We also had a live interview over the telephone with Linda Torstensson of KoziKidz so there was plenty to pack in.

Ant Clifford performing Breaking live on Sheffield Live

Ant Clifford performing “Breaking” on Sheffield Live

Ant runs Sheffield web design agency, Creative Stream. He talked about the so-called “mobile-geddon” which could affect businesses with websites not optimised for mobile, due to a change in Google’s algorithms. Plus in my last show (details here) I’d put a call out for business and social enterprise leaders to comment on the general election results; Ant gave his opinion. And he explained his motivations for starting and growing his business, with valuable advice. Ant is also a musician and brought his guitar into the studio to treat us to a live performance.

Jay Bhayani

Jay Bhayani

The recent UK general election result is likely to mean changes to employment law. Jay Bhayani, a Sheffield based employment law specialist who is the region’s only employment solicitor to have a UK top rating in the consumer ratings website, Vouchedfor, discussed the implications of the Conservative win for Employment Law if they follow through on their proposals. Covering zero hours contracts, wages, equality, apprenticeships and of course the European Union, there could be significant developments. Make sure you listen to the podcast to find out more.

Linda Torstensson runs KoziKidz – a successful business selling across the UK and Europe – and has spent ten years living and working in Sweden. She joined me for a chat on the phone to discuss her reaction to the general election results.

Celina Ploskonka and Laura Thomas of Freshly Squeezed

Celina Ploskonka and Laura Thomas of Freshly Squeezed

Celina Ploskonka and Laura Thomas run event organising business Freshly Squeezed. They came into the studio to talk about the forthcoming Yorkshire Work and Family Fair. It’s a brand new event “aimed at highly motivated men and women who are looking for more flexible working options to maintain a work life balance.”  From our chat it was clear how hard (and smart!) Celina and Laura are working to grow their business – and their experience gives them an insight into the need, and often difficulty, for business owners to achieve work-life balance. Here’s hoping this free event is a great success.

The programme also had news about SheffEX, returning on the 1st June to Ponds Forge; and the Doing Business in China seminar in Doncaster on 28th May.

Have a listen to the podcast of this week’s show here:

Timings on the above podcast:

  • 0 – 1:55 introduction and forthcoming events
  • 1:55 – 13:40 Ant Clifford
  • 13:40 – 20:00 Ant Clifford live performance of Breaking
  • 20:00 –  36:55 Jay Bhayani
  • 37:00 – 43:08 Linda Torstensson
  • 43:08 – 50:34 Celina Ploskonka and Laura Thomas

Enjoy the programme!

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