Sheffield SOUP, Startup Weekend…and overcoming challenges

Debbie, Pennie and Elizabeth

Debbie, Pennie and Elizabeth

Today’s Business Live radio show featured studio guests Elizabeth Shassere, Debbie Cundy and Pennie Raven – plus news about Social Enterprise UK’s State of Social Enterprise Survey 2015.

This summer, The University of Sheffield will bring people together to launch new products and services that aim to solve problems and meet needs in the ever-changing literature and music industries. The event is called Startup Weekend and is the sixth to be held in Sheffield.

Elizabeth Shassere is the co-organiser of Startup Weekend Sheffield – and has herself launched two startups, Textocracy and Appointment Doctor. Startup Weekend will “combine literature, music, technology, and entrepreneurship to create new innovations in these industries.”

Debbie Cundy is a personal performance coach with her niche being weight loss management. Debbie has first-hand experience in this area, losing 12 stones in weight. Successful business woman, feature writer and qualified chef, Debbie has overcome many challenges in her life to achieve her own goals.

And Pennie Raven – well known co-organiser of PechaKucha Sheffield – has recently launched new real-time crowdfund pitching event, Sheffield SOUP. Pennie shared insights about her career path and moving from the corporate world to becoming a community catalyst.

All three guests were absolutely fascinating. Have a listen to the podcast of today’s show (with the music tracks chosen by my guests removed) here:

  • intro and social enterprise news, then Elizabeth, from 0 to 16:21.
  • Debbie’s on the programme from 16:21 to 31:52.
  • Pennie is on the programme from 31:52 to 45:34.

More about my radio show here.

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