Shareholders’ Agreements, Resilience, Influencer Marketing, Social Media and Cyberbullying

What are shareholders’ agreements and why do you need one? If you’re setting up a business with people you trust, surely you won’t fall out?

Sadly, numerous examples prove the need for, and value of, shareholders’ agreements as my guest Jo Dawson of Dawson Radford Solicitors explains. She also discussed equivalents to shareholder agreements for organisations with other legal structures. Much helpful advice here.

Also in the show, helpful advice from Harvey Morton, national Freelancer of the Year in the IPSE Awards. Harvey covers social media, working with “influencers,” dealing with online abuse and bullying, and how freelancers and small business owners can protect themselves from overwhelm and look after their health.

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  • 0 – 1:54 introductions
  • 1:54 Jo Dawson set up Dawson Radford Solicitors, providing business law services to sole traders, partners, businesses large and small. She launched the firm three years ago.
  • 2:42 Harvey Marton is a freelance social media manager, who also offers website design and works with influences. He started his business while at school – and last year won IPSE’s Freelancer of the Year Award.
  • 4:51 Jo Dawson‘s firm has grown to 9 people and an office dog in three years. Jo explains why she setup her own firm.
  • 9:20 When you launch a business there are so many different roles you have to play, says Jo – on top of the professional expertise you offer. You need to be good at the work you do – and you need to learn how to run a business.
  • 11:30 Jo appreciates her team’s loyalty to one another – and it’s something you can’t take for granted, “there are so many places where that culture doesn’t exist.”
  • 12:25 What is a Shareholders’ Agreement? Jo explains.
  • 14:20 Potential pitfalls of not having a shareholders’ agreement.
  • 18:09 Can you create a Shareholders’ Agreement a few years into the lifespan of a business? Is that something people do? “It’s never too late,” says Jo.
  • 20:35 Examples of what can happen if people fall out without having a shareholders’ agreement.
  • 23:01 How much would a simple shareholders’ agreement cost?
  • 24:23 Why you shouldn’t relay on a template you’ve download.
  • 27:06 Harvey Morton: Harvey started his business at school as a result of a competition called The Big Challenge. Some teachers encouraged him – and some told him they didn’t think he had the confidence to go for it! Now he goes back to school to give talks for students.
  • 30:48 Authenticity on social media: Harvey understands that some people create an illusion they want to present to the world, pretending they are successful when they are not. He encourages young people to be consistent and put the work in.
  • 33:15 What’s Harvey’s take on social media “influencers” – and how have any influencers helped his clients?
  • 36:00 Influencers must be transparent if they’ve been paid to endorse products.
  • 37:48 Harvey says influencers and celebrities can be effective at promoting causes and issues such as awareness of mental health.
  • 38:30 Online bullying and harassment – how to cope with abuse.
  • 41:11 Are the platforms taking this seriously enough? An example of when Harvey had to get malicious content removed.
  • 43:22 Which social media platforms are most important for Harvey’s clients? And some social media tips and advice from Harvey.
  • 46:11 Back to Jo Dawson. If you’re setting up something with a different legal structure than a company limited by shares (such as a company limited by guarantee) is there an equivalent to a shareholders’ agreement?
  • 49:09 How to get in touch with Jo.
  • 50:01 Harvey’s advice about resilience, preventing overwhelm and looking after yourself as a freelancer or small business owner.
  • 51:36 How to get in touch with Harvey.
  • 52:06 Wrapping up the programme and how to put yourself forward to be on air.

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