What is Open Banking, how could it support your business and is your data safe?

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Faith Reynolds

What is Open Banking? How could it support your business or social enterprise?

Is your data safe?

And is there a danger that Open Banking might facilitate discrimination against people who are already financially vulnerable?

Faith Reynolds is the Open Banking Consumer Representative. She’s part of a steering group responsible for delivering the technology that underpins the Open Banking initiative.

In May I interviewed Faith for the Responsible Finance podcast, which I produce. Since her interview will also be of interest to listeners to my Business Live radio show, I broadcast it in the latest (7 June) episode.

Faith describes how and why you might choose to share your data through Open Banking; how the technology works; controlling who has access to your data; how Open Banking could address late payment issues, and more.

Here’s the podcast, which you can also access in iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. Full timings are below.


  • 0 – 5:05 introduction and updates: UK Social Enterprise Awards are open for entries; recap of last week’s show; forthcoming events including the Social Enterprise Exchange meetup and a free SEO training and website analysis session from Mantra Media; getting in touch,
  • 5:05 Open Banking and Faith Reynolds
  • 6:00 What is Open Banking? A couple of examples of how and why you might choose to share your data – and an introduction to payment initiation.
  • 8:45 Aggregating financial information into one place.
  • 9:10 How does the technology work? How do people control who has access to their data?
  • 11:07 firms accessing Open Banking data need to be registered and approved by the FCA and Open Banking.
  • 12:55 If providers don’t continue to meet regulations what penalties could be imposed? And what happens if money leaves your account which you’ve not authorised?
  • 14:00 What about data breaches?
  • 15:00 How to protect yourself from scams.
  • 16:15 What questions should you ask of firms wanting access to your data through Open Banking?
  • 19:55 Somewhere along the line a service has to be paid for, so find out how.
  • 21:26 How can Open Banking help people who are financially excluded?
  • 24:35 The concept of digital pots and spending alerts can help people budget more effectively.
  • 26:28 Debt advice can be made easier through Open Banking, says Reynolds.
  • 27:50 How biometrics could be used to help create more financial inclusion.
  • 28:30 What about people with no bank account?
  • 30:00 Jam-jarring to allocate money to different budgets.
  • 31:30 Payment initiation can also help people with low and fluctuating incomes, as it’s more flexible than direct debits.
  • 32:50 A future scenario: combining financial, energy use and other data could alleviate fuel poverty.
  • 34:10 How can Open Banking benefit businesses, social enterprises and the self-employed?
  • 36:10 Payment initiation can be a much less expensive way for small businesses to accept card payments – saving alot of money.
  • 37:10 “Request to Pay” could also deal with late payment issues, says Faith.
  • 38:20 How will Open Banking help Responsible Finance providers (and credit unions) – and what should they be doing and thinking about?
  • 41:49 Will Open Banking facilitate discrimination against, or penalties for, the financially vulnerable?
  • 45:52 What developments will we see in Open Banking over the next 12-24 months?
  • 47:00 And which of these will be most relevant to responsible finance providers?
  • 47:50 Faith has a long-term commitment to financial inclusion. How has this influenced her work?
  • 52:32 – end wrapping up

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