Put the kettle on: what makes a tea business tick?

Business Live radio show podcast 11082017Time for a tasty cuppa. So pop the kettle on, boil, steep your tea of choice and enjoy, all whilst listening to the latest Business Live radio show podcast.

On Friday Sheffield Live’s radio studio played host to tea-preneurs (I’m sorry, so very sorry) Ted Ki Tae Kim and James Home of Diversitea Box, a tea subscription business they launched in March. Diversitea already has loyal, repeat customers in the UK, USA and beyond.

There’s a lot of tea in the world: over 3000 different types, apparently. Diversitea’s monthly tea boxes offer a curated assortment of seasonal teas, enabling tea-lovers to discover and enjoy new brews (hot and cold-brew too).

The business launched after James and Ted met at Startup Weekend Sheffield, which I’ve featured on the radio show a few times before. In the programme Ted and James discussed working together as co-founders, launching their initial MVP (minimum viable product), and building a customer base through instagram and other channels.

Here’s your cup of podcast joy:


  • 0 – 10:21 introduction and updates including an MP’s consultation event and to a series of seminars for businesses wanting to export to China; a workshop for the future leaders of the outdoor and recreation industries;
  • 10:21 – end (47:42) James and Ted.

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  1. philip watson says:

    Hi jamie
    i have so much time to spare i would be willing to come on your show and talk about the coop, sheffield and barnsley
    and any thing relevent to social enterprise.

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