Office party behaviour: Benchmark Recruit interview

Office party excess. Image © Shutterstock/DJTaylor

Office party excess. Image © Shutterstock/DJTaylor

How do you avoid the pitfalls of the office Christmas party?

Rebecca Morris of Benchmark Recruit joined me in the Sheffield Live radio studio today, to talk about research Benchmark are undertaking into behaviour at office parties – and give some tips into how to put on a great festive party for your team.

Rebecca also discusses the state of recruitment across the region in 2016: has there been any impact from the Brexit vote, and which sectors are booming? Have a listen to the podcast below to hear the interview with Rebecca.

Today’s show also features news about research into the impact of late payments on businesses; how a Private Members’ Bill could affect co-operatives;

Podcast (music played on radio broadcast removed from podcast):


  • 0 – 2:17 introduction
  • 2:17 – 15:29 another chance to hear my recent interview with Jim Cregan, of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee
  • 15:29 – 31:02 Rebecca Morris of Benchmark Recruit
  • 31:02 – 38:50 update about a Private Members’ Bill which would affect co-operatives; new research about the impact of late payments on small businesses, with recommendations from the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses); Small Business Saturday recap as long-serving Sheffield shop owner retires; new flood insurance package announced; CharityBank and Pioneers Post Christmas Gift Guides
  • 38:50 – 47:24 a repeat of recent interview with Damian Bates, owner of the Sheffield Tigers Speedway
  • 47:24 – end wrapping up

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