The psychology of business and the business of psychology

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Image: Shutterstock/Lightspring

What does a business psychologist do, how do they help businesses – and what are the most common challenges they address? Simon Kilpatrick, chief executive of Intrinsic Links, explains in an in-depth interview in the latest Business Live radio show. You can access the podcast below.

Simon also explains how he’s built Intrinsic Links since launching at the start of 2014: from securing his first clients, to financing start-up and growth, to choosing partners to collaborate with, Simon’s experiences and advice will give other start-ups and growing businesses plenty to think about. And you might find his business psychology advice invaluable too.

Listen to the interview with Simon here:

Simon’s interview was broadcast in the latest Business Live radio show which also featured Pennie Raven and Andi Stamp. Pennie organises – on a voluntary basis – Sheffield SOUP, the real-time community crowdfunding event which is not just s Sheffield phenomenon, but making waves across the UK. She talks about SOUP’s upcoming plans and their latest winner. Exciting things ahead!

Andi Stamp gives the lowdown on the Merlin Theatre, a Sheffield institution holding its community reopening concert on Saturday 17th. Part of the Ruskin Mill Educational Trust and Freeman College, the much-loved theatre has been refurbished having closed in 2011 after extensive flood damage. Andi, a fundraiser for the College, explained how the theatre has been brought back to life, and discusses the work of the Trust and the College.

The Podcast of the entire programme is here (timings listed below):


  • 0 – 5:53 introductions, including and invitation to businesses and social enterprises to a business networking forum and consultation event, on 16 September, organised by Paul Blomfield MP (a member of the Business and Skills Select Committee) who wants to talk with local businesses about the committees’ agenda for the forthcoming year; other forthcoming events including MADE and SheffEx – and the Merlin Theatre re-opening concert
  • 5:53 – 16:17 Andi Stamp
  • 16:17 – 24:08 Pennie Raven
  • 24:08 – 51:54 Simon Kilpatrick

More about the Business Live radio programme.

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