Crisis & reputation management: today’s radio show

If your business finds itself in a crisis, how do you deal with managing its reputation? A timely question given the current public opprobrium heaped on the Volkswagen group after revelations of systemic attempts to ‘game’ emissions tests.

Businesses face the need to manage their reputations in a wide range of circumstances: whether they are being rightly or wrongly criticised, they must not only put right whatever they are being critiqued for, they need to rebuild trust.

My first guest on today’s radio show was Caroline Woffenden of MK PR. You can listen to Caroline’s advice about reputation and crisis management in the podcast of the show which is below. The programme also includes interviews with Pennie Raven and Louis Reed with an update about last week’s Sheffield SOUP, and with Chris Mayall, discussing his new music-based social enterprise.

Here’s the podcast; the timings are below.

  • 0 – 12:13 introductions and updates, including FSB welcoming “emerging cross-party consensus” to support the self-employed; the global B Corp movement launches and announces its founding members – ‘social purpose businesses’ – in the UK; and this year’s Social Saturday and the Sheffield Business Awards
  • 12:13 – 31:00 Caroline Woffenden.
  • 31:00 -38:47 Pennie Raven and Louis Reed
  • 38:47 – 40:48 update about a forthcoming event
  • 40:48 – 48:08 Chris Mayall
  • 48:08 –  end: wrapping up

More about the Business Live radio programme.

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