Leadership with purpose: Baroness Sue Campbell, Josh Littlejohn, Penny Hughes and more

Today’s Business Live radio show examines what it takes to be a great leader in a social enterprise or business.

And it debates excellence, with practical tips for businesses and social enterprises based on solid experiences.

You can hear interviews with some of the UK’s most innovative social enterprise and business leaders. The programme features:

  • Consultant and author Andy Hanselman who explains how businesses can get ahead and stay ahead of their competitors;
  • Baroness Sue Campbell who chaired UK Sport and presided over Team GB’s and Paralympic GB’s huge increase in medals, talking about leadership with moral purpose and innovation;
  • Josh Littlejohn, who progressed from entrepreneur to social entrepreneur and is the founder of the Scottish Business Awards and Social Bite;
  • Charlotte Borger, the communications director of farmer-owned Divine Chocolate, on marketing for social enterprises: mission, product, or brand first?
  • Amy Anslow, co-founder of social enterprise supermarket hiSbe: launching a social enterprise with a clear and ambitious vision, getting the finance together, and overcoming pre- and post-launch challenges;
  • Penny Hughes, who chairs the sustainable banking committee at RBS NatWest, is a board member of Morrisons supermarkets, is a former president of Coca-Cola in the UK and Ireland, and has worked for The Gap and Vodafone – on what social enterprises can learn from the corporate sector – and vice versa;
  • and several other interviews

Have a listen to the full show (timings listed below) here:


  • 0 – 2:30 introductions
  • 2:30 – 13:27: Andy Hanselman
  • 13:27 – 54:17: SE100 Leaders segment, including:
  • 13:27 – 15:22: how do leaders of social enterprises balance the need to create an impact with the need to create a surplus? Introduction to the NatWest Se100 Leaders event
  • 15:22 – 17:10: Baroness Sue Campbell on leadership with moral purpose and innovation
  • 17:10 – 18:46: Dana Segal, Cockpit Arts
  • 18:46 – 24:13: Josh Littlejohn, Social Bite
  • 24:13 – 29:29: Charlotte Borger, Divine Chocolate
  • 29:29 – 34:22: Tony Jones, Landlife National Wildflower Centre
  • 34:22 – 43:43: Penny Hughes, RBS NatWest
  • 43:43 – 53:35: Amy Anslow, hiSbe (How it Should Be)
  • 53:35 – 55:45: wrap up

Business Live is broadcast most Friday mornings from 9am to 10am on Sheffield Live – 93.2FM in Sheffield and from www.sheffieldlive.org worldwide. More about the programme here.

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