How to Write a Brilliant Business Book your Readers will Love with Vicky Fraser

Vicky's Book Cover

Vicky’s new book with a wonderful illustration by Julia Brown

“Write a book” they say. “It’ll boost your business!”

You can’t move these days for experts promising you of the untold business bounties which may flow your way if you write a business book.

Sadly this means some folk are dashing out books without due care and attention. Or which are well-written, but make them look like an amateur thanks to commonly-made mistakes.

Other aspiring authors, who really want to write a book which gives value to their readers, don’t know where to start, get stuck with the “blank page of doom” or can’t identify the best angle to write about.

But today’s radio show and podcast guest, Vicky Fraser, can help.

Vicky’s first book genuinely transformed her business. She’s gone on to help many other business owners write and publish books they are proud of. And in this episode she covers the many benefits of writing a book and has brilliant, practical advice to help you get your words on the page and your book written.

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Timings and key points:

  • 0 – 1:51 introduction to today’s radio show.
  • 1:51 Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of last night’s Hallam Enterprise Awards.
  • 3:05 Who is Vicky Fraser?
  • 3:50 Is a business book just a cynical marketing tool? What would Vicky say to people who suggest you should “write a book to become(!) an expert”?
  • 5:45 Writing a (great) book does deliver extensive and enormous benefits to businesses. Vicky runs through several of them.
  • 11:06 We’re talking about independent (“indie”) publishing or self-publishing. If people can get a book deal with a traditional publisher would that be better?
  • 15:30 Another unexpected benefit of putting “all your best stuff” into a book.
  • 17:08 Some people think they have nothing new to say. How Vicky helps them find useful angles and ideas for their book.
  • 23:30 How to overcome “writers’ block” (which Vicky doesn’t believe in, and explains why) or what she describes as the “blank page of doom”? Several exercises you can use, now.
  • 26:40 Other crucial things to do when you publish a book, unless you want to look sloppy and amateurish.
  • 29:57 A top tip for your Contents page.
  • 30:50 Why “beta-readers” are worth their weight in gold and what questions Vicky asked hers.
  • 33:45 Vicky’s new book, How The Hell do you Write A Book, is available to pre-order now.
  • 36:20 What books (fiction and non-fiction) does Vicky love reading? What does she recommend again and again and why?
  • 43:00 Vicky lives with a menagerie including chickens and tiny sheep. How did that happen?
  • 46:15 Vicky “ran away with the circus” and is a dab-hand at pole dancing and trapeze. She explains why she loves this.
  • 50:17 A story of one of Vicky’s clients, Kenda Macdonald, and the phenomenal impact on her business after she published her book Hack The Buyer Brain.
  • 52:30 Where to pre-order Vicky’s new book, How The Hell do you Write A Book?
  • 54:17 Some forthcoming events, and wrapping up.

What Next:

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