Lisa Walker: How to deal with Imposter Syndrome, overcome fears, boost confidence and transform your business

Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker

The Business Live radio show is back and in the first programme of the year I managed to get the date right. Phew. The podcast of the 12 January 2019 show is below.

This week’s guest was Lisa Walker who runs White Apple Thinking, helping professional people to become more motivated and focused, clarify what they want, and improve results in their working and out-of-work lives.

Lisa’s been in business for 6 years after a background in HR (until she decided she didn’t want to work for anyone else). Her first 18 months of self-employment involved “staring at a computer waiting for people to find me” as an HR consultant.

But then everything changed. Lisa realised her confidence was “at rock bottom,” did something about it – and found her true calling to “help people to develop and become the best they can be.”

She works with professionals such as finance directors, accountants, and other technically-minded folk. Many are outwardly highly successful but their fears, self-beliefs, inner conflicts, lack of confidence or “imposter syndrome” might be leading to self-sabotaging behaviour.

“If you can help people to accept and understand accept the benefits of changing, transformation can happen” says Lisa. And in the podcast she talks about how she does this.

  • What is imposter syndrome? How does Lisa help clients deal with it?
  • We don’t like to brag in the UK, but we do need to celebrate success – and shine!
  • But what if you’re conscientious and really care about doing a great job?
  • Root causes of perfectionism, procrastination and over-thinking – and how to get out of the analysis paralysis trap,
  • Women’s and men’s different approaches to personal growth, in Lisa’s experience of working with her clients,
  • When we see people get to leadership roles in business and politics based on bluster and overconfidence with no substance behind it, does this mean we should copy this behaviour?
  • Authenticity and sincerity are crucial – and people can see what’s fake, says Lisa,
  • When Lisa’s passion, purpose and skills aligned, how did she build her business to do the work she loves doing?
  • The personal development industry contains many folk with integrity and a great evidence base for the work they do – but others peddling hope and optimism or taking money without delivering results. How did Lisa find coaches she could trust when she wanted support?
  • Lisa generates meaningful results herself, but what does she do when the “little gremlin of self-doubt” whispers in her ear?
  • A coach will help you, guide you and support you but they can’t do the work for you. An early experience which made this clear.

It was great talking with Lisa. Here’s the podcast:


  • 0 – 5:21  introduction and updates including Sheffield City Council’s Heritage 20 by 20 campaign, aiming to get buildings back into use; new partnership for Westfield Health; more adoptive parents sought by Sheffield City Council; forthcoming events,
  • 5:21 Lisa Walker,
  • 51:09 getting in touch and wrapping up.

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