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Chloe Watmore

Chloe Watmore is managing director of Thermotex Engineering, a business specialising in solving “thermal challenges,” things at risk of getting too hot or too cold in industrial settings. She was my radio show guest on Friday 7 December, and the podcast is below.

From 1200 degrees to below minus 60, and from nuclear fusion reactors to stopping valves from freezing in Russia, Thermotex deals with extremes of heat and cold. It manufactures and installs insulation, trace heating and protective enclosures, and other products.

The firm also give clients advice to mitigate those thermal challenges. It’s all a bit more sophisticated than lagging my pipes.

Chloe’s parents founded the business in 1995 and built it up over a couple of decades. In Chloe’s own words, the “hot potato” has now been passed to her. And since she grasped that potato, it’s become a harvest. In the couple of years Chloe (now just 25 years old) has been MD, the firm has increased staff numbers from 6 to 25.

Thermotex has customers worldwide, in Russia, the Nordic regions, the UK, onshore and offshore in the North Sea, across Europe, Australia, Canada and has further international growth ambitions.

During the show Chloe talked about:

  • her journey with the business, having joined after her economics degree initially to help with business development on a temporary basis
  • winning a formative contract in Russia
  • changing systems and processes
  • her interest in maths, science, technology and languages
  • how she won people over to accept her “YABI”s (Yet Another Bright Idea)
  • managing succession in a family business
  • tools and technologies for knowledge sharing
  • exporting tips, advice on international business and being more culturally aware
  • how “breaking bread” with people develops relationships and trust
  • the biggest challenges in Chloe’s business journey and sources of inspiration, advice and support
  • skills development and recruiting for attitude
  • embedding a culture of learning (including learning from mistakes) into a business

Here’s the podcast:


  • 0 – 3:22 introduction and recap of last week’s show
  • 3:22 – 30:30 Chloe Watmore part one
  • 30:30 – 32:27 an invitation to be on the radio
  • 32:27 – 50:09 Chloe Watmore part two
  • 50:09 – 51:52 wrapping up

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