Podcast: piano teacher Madge Woollard and B1G1 with Steve Pipe

Two super guests joined me in the Sheffield Live radio studio this morning: Madge Woollard and Steve Pipe. The podcast is below. It covers:

  • why using business as a force for good, for positive changes NOW and without guilt-tripping (but with smiles) is great for the world and great for your business,
  • learning to play piano with a person-centred approach; finding a piano teacher; and building a piano teaching studio (while competing with lessons on YouTube).
Madge Woollard

Madge Woollard. Photo: Farah Mahmood

Piano teacher Madge Woollard has been teaching for over twenty years. She works in schools in Sheffield and operates a practice from a studio at Hagglers Corner.

Madge gives lessons which focus on her individual pupils’ needs. Whether that’s entering an examination or learning to play pieces they love, she ensures her students – adults and children – get the most from their lessons.

In the interview Madge described her approach to teaching, discussed what she loves most about music, why she became a music teacher, and gave some advice for people learning music. She also flagged where she draws advice and inspiration from and give some tips to music teachers. And Madge highlighted the forthcoming Diversity Fest in Sheffield at which she will perform.

You can use your business as a force for good. And good business makes business sense, according to multiple data sources, and according to Steve Pipe.

Steve Pipe

Steve Pipe. Photo: Farah Mahmood

Accountant (and father, guitarist, tennis player) Steve is well known in business having written seven books. He told me about B1G1, enabling businesses of all sorts to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Steve covered rational decision making (not the normal behaviour for most people and business owners!) and how business leaders can (and right now) create life-changing positive impacts in the world.

This could be about access to clean water or education, alleviating poverty, positive action for the environment, reducing inequality or one or more of the other UN Goals which B1G1 enables businesses to transparently support. B1G1 has already enabled over 150 million life-changing giving impacts.

He also makes the point: we should be doing this anyway. But even if business leaders don’t think it’s their – our – responsibility, it makes absolute sense to use your business as a force for good because it makes the world better and pays commercially, increasing loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals, productivity and increasing businesses’ sustainability.

Steve shared how you can access a free and tailored-to-you “Giving plan,” a written report to show how you can build impact into your business.

Here’s the podcast (timings below; music played on the live radio show removed):


  • 0 – 2:58 introduction and updates
  • 2:58 – 16:10 Madge Woollard
  • 16:10 – 17:00 recap
  • 17:00 – 52:28 Steve Pipe

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