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Photo of Justin Rowntree and Dan Baxter

Justin Rowntree and Dan Baxter

It was painful to watch. Chef Gordon Ramsay pulverised Justin Rowntree’s dreams of a nightclub-cum-tapas restaurant, all in front of a TV audience.

In the memorable episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay and the restaurant’s chef exchanged over 300 sweary insults.

But that was 2008. Struggling venture, The Runaway Girl became reborn as Silversmith’s Restaurant; Justin implemented Ramsay’s lessons and ideas (including ever-popular Pie Night); and Silversmith’s went on to win numerous awards. It’s even been featured in The Good Food Guide.

Justin joined me in the Sheffield Live radio studio to discuss a recent surprise reunion with Gordon Ramsay. For the first time, he had the opportunity to thank Ramsay and tell him about the impact of his advice.

Also on the latest radio show – which you can hear via the podcast below: Dan Baxter of 21-year-old Abbeydale Brewery.

Well known and loved in Sheffield for its beers including Moonshine, Absolution and Deception, the brewery has outgrown its premises and is planning a party in May. Obvious puns abound!

What did Justin learn from Gordon Ramsay? What’s Sheffield like as a place to run a food or drink business? What advice would Justin and Dan give to others in the industry? Have a listen to the latest episode of the Business Live radio show.

Here’s the podcast:

Timings (music played on live radio removed from podcast):

  • 0 – 8:23 introductions and updates, including record figures for overseas investment in Sheffield’s commercial property market; too few SMEs aware of asset based finance; lack of awareness on GDPR; traders and performers encouraged to participate in FSB’s forthcoming teenage markets; the Launchpad mentoring service; how to get in touch;
  • 8:23 – 25:24 Justin Rowntree, founder of Silversmith’s Restaurant, on his reunion with Gordon Ramsay and his new venture supporting other businesses;
  • 25:24 – 46:12 Dan Baxter, celebrating 21 years of Abbeydale Brewery and planning a big party;
  • 46:12 – end – discussion with both Justin and Dan.

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