Cybersecurity interview – Andrew Mills

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Think cybercrimes, ‘phishing’ attacks, and data breaches only affect the gullible or careless? Think again. Yesterday’s guest on my Business Live radio show, Andrew Mills of Datamills, gave several chilling examples of businesses large and small (and sophisticated), and how cyber attacks have affected them.

It’s well worth a listen and you can access the podcast below.

Andrew covered data security, steps to protect your business against cyber-attacks, passwords, social media and how the sharing economy of the dark web has made the cost of entry to criminality lower than ever before.

Here’s the podcast (music tracks played on FM radio removed; timings below):


  • 0 – 10:15 introduction and updates, including news about the annual Small Business Survey; milestones for local and renewable energy; an inquiry by the National Audit Office into plans to close the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ Sheffield office; this year’s Sheffield Doc/Fest; The UK Steel Y-Accelerator; The FSB Teenage Market; Peace in the Park.
  • 10:15 Andrew Mills

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