Interviews: Achieving business goals & juicy success

Peter Loadman and Germaine Smith

Peter Loadman and Germaine Smith

If you’re running a business or a social enterprise, you probably have a number of goals and objectives you want to achieve in the year ahead.

And just like with New Year resolutions – which only 8% of people manage to keep – business goals can be vague and hopeful, or concrete with a carefully planned strategy to help to achieve them.

On today’s Business Live radio show I was joined in the studio by coach and management consultant Peter Loadman to talk about the process of setting and achieving objectives – in your life and your business.

Peter covered defining (and re-defining) your values and vision, assembling the tools to achieve your objectives, focus and implementation.

My other guest today was Germaine Smith, owner of Sheffield based Juice to U, now riding a wave of celebrity endorsements and selling healthy juices in their thousands after founding her business with a £20 domestic juicer in her kitchen.

Germaine’s overcome dyslexia, a previous business collapse leaving her £80,000 in debt (all of which she’s now paid off) and the challenges of being a single parent – and she’s now running a business valued at several million pounds by a want-to-be investor (whom she turned down).

Listen to the podcast of today’s programme here:


  • 0 – 6:23 Introductions and announcements, including news of an MBE for Sheffield businesswoman Anne Wilson of Numill Engineering; a poll about factors affecting business growth; a new contract for Sheffield’s Greenleaf Publishing; funding to help support people affected by the restructure and job losses by Tata Steel; New Era Square, a £65m Sheffield city centre property development set to include a Sheffield City Region China Business Incubator.
  • 6:23 – 31:08 Peter Loadman
  • 31:08 – 48:30 Germaine Smith

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