Business Live 24th July: today’s radio show

Today I’m attending the NatWest SE100 Insight event, in Edinburgh. It’s a genuinely inspirational event for people leading social enterprises – businesses driven by social purpose. And I’m interviewing many of them to learn about how they have succeeded in the “alchemy” of leading organisations that must succeed as businesses AND achieve positive social outcomes for the radio programme next week (31st July).

So this means that today’s radio show, normally broadcast live on Sheffield Live – was pre-recorded yesterday. A podcast is below.

Today’s show includes:

  • details about a new patronage scheme launched by South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation (SYCF) to enable local businesses to support their communities;
  • Start-Up Britain’s Start-Up Bus is coming to Sheffield next week;
  • Small Business Saturday will be back;
  • Sheffield SOUP – real time community crowdfunding;
  • doing business in China – an essential event next week;
  • and a new music industry starter course for talented young musicians.

You can listen to the show here:

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