Slash your overheads and generate funding – Wendy Ward

Wendy Ward

Don’t try to help everyone – it’s absolutely exhausting. When Wendy Ward came to this conclusion it gave her business, Let’s Save Consultancy Services an instant boost.

Wendy specialises in saving money for charities, third sector organisations and social enterprises by slashing utilities costs, phone bills and other fees. She helps them raise money too, through grant and funding applications.

Many sharks swim in the same sea as charities, especially in the telecoms and utilities industries, she says. Wendy explains common ways organisations end up overpaying and how you can reduce your ‘phone and utility bills.

She covers how she’s tightened up the focus of her business and why this is so important; and her work writing effective bids too.

Wendy launched her business when her career in recruitment, with a FTSE100 firm, was foreshortened by a long-term health condition. She was even told she’d “never work again.” Not an appealing prospect, so she decided she would work for herself.

Wendy is frank about the challenges of running a business while living with a health condition and the dramatic difference in skills required when you move from working for a corporate firm to being your own boss.

It’s an episode to inspire with a sizeable dollop of practical advice you can use to save money or generate income. As ever, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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