Bleeding edge tech, machine learning, and taking manufacturing geniuses digital – Jamie Hinton

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Jamie Hinton

We often describe the Business Live radio programme as the show for ‘curious entrepreneurs’ – a description which fits today’s guest perfectly.

Jamie Hinton is CEO and co-founder of Razor, which works with businesses from start-ups to FTSE100 firms. He’s also a former young musician of the year finalist, a mountain biker and an incomparable enthusiast for the brilliant manufacturing geniuses of Sheffield.

Razor – named because it works at ‘the cutting edge, the bleeding edge’ of new technology – is enabling more efficient manufacturing thanks to digital technology, as Jamie describes.

He tells us about an exciting project connecting digital and manufacturing industries, and lots about how Razor’s work reduces risk, boosts businesses and more.

This episode also covers:

  • Business lessons from learning an instrument and purposeful practice
  • How machine learning will affect us all and why Jamie is optimistic about it
  • Jamie’s mindset and how his parents fostered this
  • Building a business culture without egos and open to learning from failures
  • Razor’s culture and how the firm adapted before the lockdown – including its recruitment processes
  • Jamie’s 67-book year: what was his favourite and why?

It’s a brilliant ride – enjoy this episode of Business Live.

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