Sneaky learning opportunities with stratospheric social entrepreneur, Kisha Bradley

Photo of Kisha Bradley

Kisha Bradley of Bright Box and #GirlsWithDrills

A generous dollop of inspiration and practical tips in today’s Business Live radio show.

Kisha Bradley was last on the programme in February 2018. So much has changed since then for her and for Bright Box Makerspace.

Bright Box creates “sneaky learning opportunities” for everyone.

Working in museums, libraries, schools, and with organisations such as Guides, Cubs, Scouts and many others, it creates playful spaces for people to explore technology, engineering and arts with the help of role models.

Since 2018 Bright Box has scaled up, moved into dedicated premises (Exchange Street, Castlegate), and taken on its first and further employees.

Kisha describes what’s changed, and how, successes, biggest challenges – and how she’s progressed as a leader too.

A recent, high profile national award has recognised Kisha’s work, and she describes how this has unlocked opportunities and opened doors – including to The Cabinet Office

And we cover Girls with Drills – a twitter hashtag, a mission statement, and a range of clothing in which every purchase helps to make a pop-up Bright Box Makerspace happen.

Enjoy this episode which also addresses:

• a crucial piece of advice for founders of startups
• lessons learned about delegation, hiring and managing people
• doing what’s right and in tune with your values even when its difficult
• you “can’t be what you don’t see” – the importance of visibility
• confidence, “presentation paralysis”, perfectionism and imposter syndrome
• the impact of winning the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” Award in the Precious Awards
• advice for startups and for businesses scaling up
• a quick guest appearance at the end of the show from Sheffield Live’s Paul Gregory

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