A horse and cart and a ReadyMart with Mazen Musaeed and Fran Ruiz Partida

Photo of Mazen and Fran

Mazen and Fran

Mazen Musaeed and Fran Ruiz Partida of ReadyMart Ltd joined me in the radio studio to discuss their startup, ReadyMart Ltd.

Their business aims to simplify the lives of independent supermarket owners, helping them bring their products online and provide pickup and delivery services to their customers.

With the big four supermarket chains “dominating” the grocery sector, Mazen and Fran say they want to give power back to independent stores.

Their emotive message is “when people buy from a local business, they are not helping a CEO buy a 3rd holiday home, they are helping a little girl get music or language lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, and mums and dads put food on the table.”

The platform is already connecting consumers with independent businesses, and Mazen and Fran have some unusual marketing plans which they reveal in the show.

They also discuss why Sheffield is a great place to launch a business – and have solid and hard-won advice about finding business partners and even co-founders.

The show also includes an excerpt from a fascinating interview with social entrepreneur, Dave Linton, whose business Madlug aims to give dignity back to children in care.

Here’s the podcast. Click the large arrow to play, or hover over the media player and click on the icon on the bottom right corner to download it. The timings are below.

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  • 0 – 5:40 introductions – including how to get in touch and the Sheffield Business Awards shortlist and news of Metalysis being bought out of administration
  • 5:40 Mazen Musaeed and Fran Ruiz Partida of ReadyMart – what does the business do?
  • 40:03 Guest interview: excerpt from Heidi Fisher’s interview with Dave Linton of Madlug who was horrified when he was told how most children in care have to transport all their possessions in black bin bags. This is an excerpt of Heidi’s full interview with Dave, you can listen to the entire interview here.
  • 50:32 Wrapping up.

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