Elixirs of Youth, Compostable Packaging and Family Business Without Fighting – Kathryn Danzey

KKathryn Danzey on the Business Live radio showathryn Danzey has run Rejuvenated, a business selling shots of Collagen which the firm describes as “clinically formulated functional beauty drinks to naturally support firm, youthful skin,” for 15 years.

Rejuvenated has customers all over the world. It makes its products in the UK, has embarked on a journey to ensure all packaging is compostable and plastic-free, and is a family business in which Kathryn’s husband, son and one of her daughters works.

In this episode of my Business Live radio show (broadcast this morning on Sheffield Live FM radio and available as a podcast below) she covers:

  • Her career in the beauty, nutrition and health industry and the personal motivation which led her to launch Rejuvenated 15 years ago,
  • What the core product is, how it is designed to work, why people buy it, and the impact it has for them,
  • The science behind the product? Is it robust?
  • What about the industry as a whole, does it encourage unrealistic aspirations?
  • Health and wellbeing tips for vitality,
  • Rejuvenated’s journey to ensure all packaging is compostable and plastic free (great advice here for any business whatever your market),
  • Tips for other folks running family businesses,
  • Kathryn’s book, “The Youth Plan” and what it contains,
  • Is Brexit a concern to this business with customers worldwide?
  • Selling internationally online,
  • And more! Enjoy the episode.

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