How to encourage a mentally healthy workplace with Jodie Hill, Thrive Law

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Jodie Hill

Jodie Hill understands the impact mental health has on individuals and businesses.

She’s open and frank about her own experiences including PTSD, anxiety and a breakdown. Last year Jodie launched law firm Thrive Law and a campaign to make Mental Health Risk Assessments mandatory in the workplace.

Jodie joined me for an interview on the latest Business Live radio show, broadcast on Sheffield Live FM radio on Friday 17 May at the end of Mental Health Awareness Week.

The programme (podcast below) includes advice about how to encourage a mentally healthy workplace as well as how to look after your own wellbeing as a leader. Jodie also discusses the importance of Neurodiversity at work, unconscious biases, and why her law firm has grown so rapidly (she now has a team of 10 people).

The programme also covers Community Business Week, Sheffield Digital Festival and Bluebell Wood Hospice.  Here’s the podcast, which you can also access in iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. Full timings are below.


  • 0 – 1:22 Introduction and welcome,
  • 1:22 Community Business Weekend – why community business matters and events including the Sheffield Community Business Weekend Pop-up Showcase,
  • 4:43 Why I’m becoming a grand prix commentator – helping out at the Bluebell Wood Soapbox Derby,
  • 7:07 Mental Health Awareness Week, some facts and figures about mental health, and an introduction to Jodie Hill,
  • 10:06 Jodie’s campaign, One Mind, has two key purposes which Jodie describes,
  • 11:40 Responses to the campaign so far (and what you can do to help),
  • 14:35 Jodie launched her law firm, Thrive Law, and the campaign on the 1st March 2018. Thrive Law now has a team of 10. Jodie describes their first year,
  • 16:05 The catalyst behind the One Mind campaign and launching Thrive Law. Jodie is candid about a breakdown she suffered and her own experiences,
  • 17:50 Having a rounded perspective gave Jodie the ability to create something unique.
  • 21:25 How can employers encourage a mentally healthy workplace?
  • 23:55 Neurodiversity in the workplace,
  • 28:18 Many large law firms have a demonstrable Gender Pay Gap (according the the figures they’ve published). Many women are setting up their own law firms. More women join the legal profession than men but only 16% of legal firm leaders are women – why?
  • 30:38 Unconscious bias,
  • 32:40 The “double-edged sword” of attention during Mental Health Awareness Week and Neurodiversity Celebration Week: Jodie implores employers to keep talking and acting,
  • 36:00 How employers and business leaders can look after their own wellbeing and mental health,
  • 38:58 Getting in touch with Jodie Hill and Thrive Law.
  • 40:31 How to contact the Business Live show and put yourself forward as a possible guest.
  • 42:11 Events: Community Business weekend, the Sheffield Digital Festival, Blueebll Wood Children’s Hospice’s Soapbox Derby,
  • 46:51 Wrapping up.

What next:

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  • Thrive Law online: twitter; website; Jodie Hill on twitter.
  • The #OneMind campaign and petition to make Mental Health Risk Assessments mandatory in the workplace.
  • Power to Change and Community Business Weekend.
  • Bluebell Wood.
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