New radio show: GDPR without Giving Dodgy Pros Riches

Image re Business Live 300318Time for your weekly dose of business and social enterprise radio magic (the word “magic” used with tongue firmly in cheek) – Good Friday’s Business Live radio show. Here’s the podcast.

What treats does it hold? Updates about business confidence in Yorkshire, funding for community businesses, and an excellent social enterprise scale up programme, The Scale Up UK Programme, delivered by Barclays and The Big Issue, in partnership with Cambridge Judge Business School.

And the main event is an in-depth interview about the forthcoming data regulations you’ll have heard about (I hope!) – GDPR.

Dr. Heather Anson generously gave an hour of her time to run through what you need to know (and what you need to do) when it comes to GDPR. Heather has extensive long-standing expertise in data protection and regulatory compliance.

The regulations come into effect in May, which is careering towards us like a 10 tonne truck bearing down on a cute and terrified bunny.

As Heather points out, there’s a lot of scaremongering going on, and there are plenty of folk wanting to part you from your money who don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart.

I’m not trying to scare you (and I’m not selling GDPR compliance services) but you don’t want to be the bunny squished by the GDPR juggernaut. Heather’s advice will help.

Here’s the podcast:

Timings and shownotes:

  • 0 – 7:52 introduction and updates, including business confidence in Yorkshire; Power to Change’s £5 million Community Business Fund (details here); The Scale Up UK Programme from Barclays and The Big Issue, in partnership with Cambridge Judge Business School (details here).
  • 7:52 – 33:08 Heather Anson part 1:
    • GDPR, how and why it will affect you:
    • specific, informed consent in marketing, HR, recruitment and other business functions
    • use of data
    • breaches, fines and leveling the playing field
    • how long you can keep or store data and how you’ll need to respond to requests for information about the data you store
    • cookies and privacy policies – and potential changes to the EU E-privacy directive
    • fairness in subject access requests
  • 33:08 – end (51:45) Heather Anson part 2:
    • what’s most important when it comes to compliance?
    • bandwagon-jumping GDPR “specialists” – and how to choose someone with your best interests at heart
    • Heather’s 2-word GDPR mantra
    • storage and suppliers
    • data processor / data controller – what’s the difference
    • getting in touch

What next?

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