Don’t get beat by the heat – but do save water and cash

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The mercury rose this week as a heatwave hit the UK. But if you’re running a business, how hot is too hot? What does the law say about workplace temperatures – and about coming into work dressed for the weather?

Jay Bhayani, solicitor and MD of Bhayani HR & Employment Law, joined me in the Sheffield Live radio studio yesterday to discuss appropriate temperature in the workplace, and commented on employment rights for freelance and self-employed people in the light of new figures.

Also on the programme: Melvyn Davenport, inventor of Watflo (an animation explaining his product is here). With several decades of experience in the tooling industry, keen gardener Melvyn has invented a device to fit to drainpipes to save water, energy and money. The invention also has significant potential in business and industrial settings. Melvyn talked about the journey from idea to prototype through to product, and the assistance he’s received from Sheffield Hallam University.

And this week we also hear from Colette Wymer, chair of Sheffield Social Enterprise Network, discussing the potential impact from a new social enterprise grant programme that the network is launching in collaboration with UnLtd. The grants will be open for applications from next Friday (29 July).

Listen to the podcast here (timings below):

Timings (music tracks played in the live programme removed from podcast):

  • 0 – 6:09 updates including Office for National Statistics figures showing that, of the 126,000 new jobs created in the UK in the three months to May 2016, 83 per cent (102,000) were self-employed; a call a review of the classification of self-employment following publicity around labour practices at courier firms; lawyers arguing that taxi firm Uber’s drivers should be classed as workers; Sheffield and Sichuan Guodong Construction Group sign largest UK-Chinese investment deal outside of London.
  • 6:09 – 18:37 Jay Bhayani
  • 18:37 – 40:01 Melvyn Davenport
  • 40:01 – 45:48 Colette Wymer

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